Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Catching Up

Time for a little update on life the past couple months. 

The end of May, Matt and I joined my family in South Carolina for a beach vacation! A week of sitting surf side and pool side, eating sea food, swimming in the ocean, fishing, and good ol fun! 

It was wonderful to spend the week with them, especially my nieces! They are so fun! 

The aquarium had real mermaids! hehehe! 

My sister in law and I. Bathing beauties.. 

Naps under the umbrella with the sounds of the waves in the background... thanks husband for snapping this one of me... flattering.

Frozen margarita snuck on to the beach. No alcohol allowed... 

Probably one of my favorite pictures from the week. Love Kadence. she is hysterical! She knows how to make ya laugh... that's for sure! 

Carnival rides! 

There are so many more pictures! But I'll spare you... haha! 

I snapped this one at the aquarium as well... 

Nurse shark! I came back to work the week after and my nights have been full of these... 

While at the beach I made the decision to apply for a pediatric Emergency room nursing position. I have always wanted to do ER and with some changes happening throughout the hospital I decided it a good time for me to do so. To live out my dreams of this... 

I used to love that show!! 

But really... I am so super excited about starting in July! Sad to leave my friends on the 7th floor, but happy to be starting a new adventure!!! 

and on my days off... plenty of these things... Jasmine lemon soda with blueberry popping bubbles! delish and amazingly refreshing! 
Wish I could figure out the recipe at home! I would drink them every day... a lot! 

We celebrated Matt's birthday last night with a delicious hamburger from Stella's and watched a movie at home. 

Tonight, Lord Huron concert!! I am so excited to see this band live! One of my new favorites! 

That's pretty much what's happening around here! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Little Birthday Shindig

This upcoming Sunday is Matt's 27th Birthday! He didn't really want a party... but I wanted an excuse to make a cake and make cute things. We always have small group at our house on Tuesday nights and I usually always cook something up of some sort. So I used Matt's birthday as an excuse to make a cake.. and cute things. hehe! 

I went with a yellow, brown and grey sort of theme... 

I bought Matt "Shiner Ruby Redbird" beer. It was DELICIOUS! Actually, may be my favorite beer. It has a hint of grapefruit and ginger and it was sooo yummy for a warm summer night. Of course lemonade and water for the none adult beverage folk. 

I made fresh popped popcorn with my Whirley Pop (I LOVE that thing!) and short bread cookies. I also made these Lemon Muddy Buddies I found on Pinterest. 

This is Matt's favorite kind of cake! It's super easy. Although, I used a box mix this time, which seriously hurts me inside. I hate using box mixes... but it had to be done this time as we are doing a vegan diet and I didn't want to buy milk just for a cake. (although last night was a vegan exception. We are mostly doing it for my stomach issues and to loose weight so we can make an exception every once in awhile. we make the rules in this house! hehe) 

This cake is easy. 
Yellow box cake mix. 
Make according to package directions but add 1 (11oz) can of mandarin oranges. Blend it in with your cake mix. 

1 (12 oz) cool whip (thawed)
1 package instant vanilla pudding 
1 can of crushed pineapple

DELICIOUS! and so easy! 

singing happy birthday is always fun! 

Gabe made this nice little collage for me. She is such the photographer! love her! 

We had a great time! For Matt's birthday we are going to have a nice dinner (he wants burgers so I guess we won't be vegan then either...) and going to see Lord Huron in concert which I am SUPER thrilled over! 

I love birthdays! Can you tell?!?!