Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Thought about starting a new series here on the blog... and when I was looking through my phone today I found these 2 pictures...  


I am a stress eater... It's a problem. 

Above: Just another day here at the Estel household. There may be other reasons for the amount of chocolate (if you know what I mean ladies...) 

Below: It was kind of a stressful night at work... kind of REALLY stressful. Don't worry... I did not eat this all at once. Progressively within 12 hours or so though maybe?!! 

It's kind of a problem. Most people can't eat when they get stressed. I wish I had that problem! Oy vei... 

What do you do when you get stressed?!?!?! 

Stay tuned for more confessions! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mildred Agnes

I used the new MacBook to compile all the videos I have of Millie so far. 

Such a sweet little pup.... but don't get me wrong! it's a good thing she is cute... she's a lot of work! hehe! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013


I am truly blessed with an amazing, caring, genuinely loving husband. Matt has never had to woe me with extravagant gifts. We are pretty easy going about gifting. The most extravagant thing we have ever gotten each other are a banjo, and well, my engagement ring. haha! Don't get me wrong. We love to surprise one another. We give each other gifts, and surprises all the time. 

Today, I woke early. I was kind of bummed because I really needed to sleep longer because I work the next 2 nights still. I just couldn't go back to sleep. So I sent Matt a silly emoticon that I was awake in the bedroom and wanted coffee (He always brings me coffee in bed when I wake up from sleeping all day because I usually feel like death). Instead. He comes in and lays this on top of me with a sweet sweet note. 

I have wanted a MacBook for YEARS. We have just never splurged and got one. This year with our tax return we decided we really do need a computer. Matt really wanted to surprise me with it, but I kept checking the bank account to see if our money went in so I could go buy one. He was sneaky and checked today and it went through so he went and got me this guy! I was so excited (as excited as I could be in my sleepy phase). 

He then proceeded to go buy me Jimmy Johns (one of my recent addictions). He keeps telling me how much he appreciates how hard I work at work. It's nice to hear and to be reminded of. 

So thankful God blessed me with such a caring and loving husband. He is my best friend! 

Friday, February 22, 2013


Every once in awhile I get into this place. A place where I feel like I sink into the grey, dull winter abyss. It has snowed here for I can't even remember how long now. The sun peaks through the window sill every few weeks... for a few minutes.

Then, when one thing brings you down, it seems like the world is collapsing on your shoulders. Being far away from family. When your only living grandparent is admitted to the hospital again for heart problems, and it feels like your heart is breaking along with hers because you can't be at her side to comfort her and all you want is just to make her happy. All the both of you want is for her to be her old self again. To be able to get out and enjoy life. In her words "to do the thing I just want to do so bad". 

Having a biopsy done of just one more mole. I have had so many removed that I have lost count. Every time I do it takes me back to 9 years ago when I was 17 years old and got a call that I would need to go to the cancer center an hour and a half away to see a melanoma specialist. Praise be to God for all that He did in keeping that situation in His hands and for blessing me with only a minor surgery and not everything the first doctor told me would happen. Praying now for Him to be in control of this biopsy. Having stitches in your foot is not fun though... let me tell ya that! 

 and you can't get the stitches wet... so you have to wrap your foot in a penguin ziploc bag and tape it up just to shower. 

To only having one night off in a long stretch of nights at work. Especially on a weekend when every one has plans and is asking you to do fun things that you really want to do... 

I hate these times. When I get down and feel defeated and don't allow my Joy to come from where it should be coming from and enjoying every day like it's my last. 

Sorry for the down and out blues... 

Thankful for a pup that sleeps on your head and keeps you warm when you feel bummed.... and haven't had much sleep. 

and looks like she wants to kill you after a day at the groomer and a stupid but super adorable bow in her hair... 

here's to wilting roses and some fresh coffee to get me through the day and night ahead of me at work... 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Lately

  I realize I haven't posted in a little bit. Life has been crazy. More like, work has been crazy. I am finally in the middle of a week off. I know that when I say that, people think "WHAT JOB CAN YOU GET A WEEK OFF?!!?!" Well, I work night shift, and 12 hour shifts. so when I work 3 nights in a row, that's LITERALLY 3 days of my life gone. I work, sleep, wake up an hour before work and eat with Matt, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep. Usually I Do long stretches and then have a week off. So, that's where we're at... 

An update on life lately is in order.... 

Last weekend we hung out with friends quite a bit. 

Friday night we had game night with the news crew friends. 

I made Red Velvet Cupcakes (they were requested via Amanda, one of my best friends who happens to be a news reporter and introduced us to all her news crew friends here in GR. we are groupies now). 

Saturday, Matt and I took Millie on a long walk. We had to carry her parts of the way. She gets lazy... she is only 3 months old though. 

Little Mildred is quite the begger... this was me before church Sunday, trying to eat my toast and jelly in peace. Millie at my feet... watching me. She didn't get any... this time.

A haircut was long over due for me. I went to the salon a block away. This was the text convo with amanda that ensued... (I'm sorry if you wear pleather pants... nothing against you personally!) 

Lots of naps have been taking place... especially with my work schedule lately. 

This year was Matt & I's 8th Valentine's Day together!!!! We had a low key kind of day. We had to wake up early (7:45) for the landlord to come replace stuff in the house... Amanda wasn't home downstairs... so I helped take care of 2 pups while they were here. The 7:45 wake up call made the beginning of our Valentine's Day a bit.... well... cranky. After we had both had plenty of coffee we were better. 

Matt got me these things for the day. 

We went to our favorite Thai place (Thanks Brandon and Gabe, for introducing us to our new ADDICTION!) Bangkok Taste is amazing... 

We got spiffied up and went. We were the only people in the restaurant for like the first 30 minutes. HAHA! 

We came home after dinner for a couple hours to play with Millie so she wasn't in her crate for so long. She is really Matt's Valentine this year... hehe! He loves her. He's smitten really... 

The local antique shop that's down the street has been flooding my facebook page with cute new furniture. I think Millie and I will be venturing down there today (they love Millie there!). 

We have no plans this weekend... it's so nice! There will be lots of coffee, candy, snuggles, and puppy time. Sounds PERFECT to me!!!

What are you doing this weekend?!?!?! 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

My "Dream" Boy


I was a boy crazy teenager. Truly. I was the definition of the words. Boy Crazy teenage girl. 

I dreamt of falling madly in love like the movies. I was addicted to "chick flicks". I wanted to fall madly in love.

When I was 17 years old, I wrote this list to myself. 

A lot of my friends had boyfriends. I felt like I was never going to find a good guy. I had "gone out" with a couple boys in high school, but nothing serious. 

This list cracks me up. I found it in a box of all Matt and I's letters to one another, movie tickets from 2006 and Football game tickets. Memorabilia of our relationship if you will. 

A few short months after writing this list... I went to a college retreat at my church. I was still a senior in high school, but I knew I was going to go to WVU and a lot of the Intervarsity students came to my church. One of them invited me to come to the retreat and get to know people.

I went (partially to scope out the college boys) and to get to know people. 

When I arrived, I was the only high schooler there. 

You see, this was my "skater boy" "punk" phase. I liked Relient K, Less Than Jake, Mae, New Found Glory, etc... 

In the crowd of people I spotted this blonde, curly fro headed, skater boy. He was wearing a Pepsi "BLUE" t-shirt(this is one of my favorite shirts to sleep in now), a big hemp necklace, checkered Van slip on shoes, and did I mention the hair?!?! 
His freshmen year of college... he looks like a baby! haha! 

That night, he played guitar around the campfire, and I died inside a little. I was in love. 

I won't tell the rest of the story here... but it's a good one.

The point is, Matt meets pretty much all of those things on my list. 

The funny part of this story... when I met Matt his nickname was "DREAM". Every body I knew called him that. Even our pastor... 

Perfect memory to find with Valentine's Day next week. I still love that curly headed blonde, even more than that day I pined for him from across that campfire. 

So Thankful to God that He blessed me with such a great man in my life.

The Perfect Man in fact. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kickin the Winter Blues

This is Matt & I's first Michigan winter. So far it has lived up to my expectations. We have pretty much had snow every day except one the past 2 weeks or more. 

The good thing is it is super easy to take Millie outside. She doesn't really have to sniff around for the right spot, or find grass or chew on every stick she sees. She just squats, pees, and goes back inside. Perfect! *Too much info!??!* 

The snow is taller than her in some places and she loves it! She tunnels her way through. 

The roads have been kind of gross.... they just can't keep them clean because it is always snowing... 

Matt has shoveled the driveway (and attempted to shovel) a few times now. 

It is really pretty. But, when you have to go somewhere, it's kind of frustrating. Having a garage is definitely a blessing!!!! 

Due to Millie being out in aforementioned snow... she was in desperate need of her first bath! 

Look at this poor little drowned rat pup... 

and then she was so clean and sitting pretty.... 

I had the urge to be a little crafty today. I have seen cute valentine's day buntings/garland floating around the internet world... so I decided to make my own. 

With the help of Mildred.. 

I'm not sure it's going to stay in this spot... but that's where it is for now. 

Tonight we had a snowy night in with our friend Brandon and Gabe. We had homemade jalapeno poppers made by Gabe. We drank homemade bubble tea, and ate brownies while we played Take 4. Gabe won, but I beat Matt (a victory in my book!)

It's been a good couple days off. Tomorrow night is back to work again for a couple nights... 

Do you have snow where you are?!?!?! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Life Lately

Life has been eventful these past few weeks. 

I feel like I have worked a lot. I had an extra on call shift this week, and last week I had an extra day there for my PALS certification class. 

There has been a lot of Starbucks in my life as well due to lack of sleep. There for a while I hadn't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep for like... too long. 

It's partially due to this little pup.... 

Matt and I got out of the house last Friday and went to the Griffins game with Sarah and her husband. It was a good night for both of us, away from the hospital. 

Millie is doing well with her house training. She is all around a smart and very good pup. She has her accidents inside occasionally but for the most part, she is doing great! She is so playful! 

Last Saturday Matt and I hosted a "family meal" from our church. It's such a blessing. When we first moved here, we went to 2 family meals and were very blessed by them. We met some of our good friends there while they hosted. 

My family is Hungarian. So I made a huge pot of Marha Husleves. We always called it "Supper Soup" in my family when I was growing up. It's essentially an entire roast, whole potatoes, whole carrots, whole onion, turnips, cabbage. Everything is whole and just thrown into the pot with lots of spices to cook for several hours. So good! 

We had 8 people over for the meal and it was so much fun to get to know new people in our home. I feel like some more new friends were made! 

I baked Chocolate chip cookies and in the midst of preparing my ingredients, I realized I have a bit of a baking addiction. All of this is always just on hand "just in case". 

Supper soup leftovers are amazing... especially with a cold Diet Coke *my other addiction*. 

Michigan has shown it's true colors this past week and a half. Last week it snowed every single day. Then it got up to 50 degrees and it all melted. For one day. The next day (yesterday) it snowed ALL DAY and we got another fresh 4 inches of snow on the ground... Millie loves it! 

Yesterday Gabe (aforementioned friend from Family meals), had a snow day! So she came over while Matt was in class and we played with Millie, ate Thai food, and then took a walk in the pouring down white out snow. We walked to the antique store down the street with Millie. 

The store owner was there and when I asked if it was okay to bring her inside, they went crazy over the pup. I told them I would just hold her and they immediately swept her out of my arms. Let her down to run all over the store. She just loved it! I told them that any accidents were there fault... haha! She did great! She loves antiques like me! 

Gabe and Millie had a fun first day together. It was a fun walk in the snow! 

All in all life has been great here! Snow, food, pups, and husband time and some work.. Life is good.