Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oscar Night Party

Matt and I had a little get together for Oscar Night a couple weeks ago. 

We were really into it this year! Matt saw all the nominated movies for Best Picture. I saw most of them with a couple exceptions... 

That night we had lots of champagne, strawberries, snacks and even a ballot for predictions! 


Last minute I decided to do some chocolate covered strawberries with a little tuxedo action. :-) so fun! Making these for a couple weddings this summer. 

I was winning for such a long time with my ballot. Then Matt pulled ahead. Knowledge is power I guess, and if you've seen all the movies you would know... 

I had a big spread in the living room so no one would have to leave the tv to miss anything! 
On the menu: 

Homemade spinach dip with bread, tortilla chips and veggies. 

Charley's seasoned chips and Jack's salsa. 

Poker mix that I am addicted to! 

Chocolate covered strawberries.

Plenty of wine and champagne.

It was such a fun night. I wish I had more pictures than just my instagram pictures. I need to get better at using my new fancy camera! I promise I will and the image quality on the blog will improve! 

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  1. The tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries look adorable! great spread :)