Monday, March 11, 2013

Get Away

I am in the midst of an 8 day off stretch from work. Matt and I have been living large this weekend (and eating ourselves large...) 

We started out the weekend on Friday night going to Buffalo Wild Wings and eating a bunch of junk food. Delicious. We had a nice little date night together. 

Saturday morning we headed off to our old stomping grounds, Chicagoland. We were headed to visit some friends Saturday evening, but had some time to stop in our favorite spot, Wicker Park, to get some food and shop around a bit. 

Our first stop was Al's Italian Beef. We weren't planning on eating here. We wanted to go to a swanky, hipster place in Wicker Park. When we got there, we parked and saw this and both were so hungry that we decided to just eat some good ole Chicago style Italian beef. So off we went. 

Next, we headed out to meander around to some of our favorite stops. Rudy's Roundup is one of my favorite stores in Wicker Park. We stopped there first, and then stopped in a few other Vintage stores, and Urban Outfitters. No purchases this time though. 

We also had to stop in Reckless Records. Surprisingly, no purchases there either (I think we were both in a frugal state of mind, and waiting to go to H&M and spend all our money). 

We also stopped at Glazed and Infused thanks to seeing it on Elsie and Emma's blog awhile back. 

After that we headed up to the northern suburbs and met one of Matt's friends from living in the quads at Trinity Evangelical Divinity school. We had some tea/coffee with Luke and his fiance and it was nice.

Then we headed even further up north and stopped to see our friends from our small group while we were living there. The Kim's are going to be heading to Nepal to be full time medical missionaries starting in June. We are going to miss them and their beautiful girls so much! 

When we moved to Grand Rapids, Phoebe was still so tiny! We couldn't believe how big she was getting! *side note: seeing my husband holding babies makes me incredibly swooney... seriously.. I might melt into a puddle on the ground when he holds my own babies. Puddles I tell you....*

We had an amazing dinner with the Kims and the Bursons. 

Sunday we headed even FURTHER north to a different state even! We went to Milwaukee, WI to visit our good friends/neighbors at TEDS while living there. Lydia and Glenn are great and we miss them so much! It was great to see them doing well and settling in. Glenn is getting his PhD at Marquette. Matt applied there but didn't get in and Lydia and I were bummed we wouldn't be PhD wives at the same school... but we share stories and we aren't too far which is nice! 

They took us to a great brunch place after church called Grand Cafe Centraal in Milwaukee. 

I had these breakfast tacos and potatoes and they were AMAZING!! I ate so much... again! 

Then we headed to Sprecher Brewery. We got the tour of the place... 

Lydia and I had root beer for our first samples... soooo good! 

Matt and Glenn had Irish Stout to start off with that looks even darker than our root beer.... not a fan of dark beers... 

Until this one.... for my last beer sample I decided to break loose and try a dark beer. Their darkest in fact... the Black Bavarian. I loved it! I couldn't drink a lot of it... but I did like it. Probably because it tasted a lot like black coffee... 

After spending a few hours sampling several beers and lots of gourmet sodas at Sprecher, we headed to Lydia and Glenn's place to hang out and relax for the night. 

Glenn and Matt started discussing theological books and things... and I started spacing out and looking at my phone... then all of a sudden I look up and see this taking place. 2 theologians.. discussing books, looking at books and RUBBING THEIR CHINS like they are so smart. Seriously... this happened! This was not staged at all.. and what are they looking at that's so interesting you may ask?!!? BOOKS!!!! Yup... Lydia and I embrace the fact that we married nerds. 

It was so good to visit with them. We had a great time! 

On our way back home we stopped at the Cheese Castle right on the Wisconsin border to pick up some gifts for our puppy sitters (and some for ourselves as well! 

Then we headed home. We were SO excited to pick up our Mildred from our good friends. We missed her! She was so excited to see us that when she got home she ran around for like 10 minutes and then this happened... 

It was a really great weekend with great friends, great food and drinks, and great time with each other. Now for a few more days of rest on the couch and recovering from the food coma I am currently in. 

Hope you had a good weekend! 


  1. Looks like you guys had such a lovely weekend! I remember going on many dates to buffalo wild wings when my bf and I weren't doing long distance. I miss those days :P

  2. what a great weekend!
    i was always afraid to try real dark beers too, turns out i like them. but my heart will always be with an IPA ;)

  3. Great post!