Monday, March 18, 2013

iLife Lately

Matt and I are finally recovering from our illnesses. going on day 7 now. I still have it... he is pretty much done with it at this point. UGH! it was the worst! 

We literally sat around on our computers with headphones in and went from the bed to the couch for 3 days. We had alka seltzer plus cocktails on several occasions. 

The snow melted for a couple days and Millie had a love affair with a pine cone. 

She seriously HAD to be outside with her pinecone at all times. It was really cute... but it's not warm outside yet! So standing out there with her for a long time was hard but so cute to watch! 

I am soooo ready for warm weather and sunshine. I feel like everyone here is in a dark place. It has been SUCH a long and grey winter. I need warmth and sunshine and dresses and flip flops SOOON!!!!! 

I missed church on Sunday because I worked the night before. So when I woke up Sunday afternoon I went to a new (for me) coffee shop on Wealthy st. It was super hipster (like most of them around here), but I had the best Vanilla Latte and chocolate croissant! MM MM!!!! They make their own syrups. It was so yummy! 

Matt and I are starting a "house church" at our place. Right now it's just us and 2 other couples. It's been so nice getting to know them. We are going to study 2 Timothy. I am so excited to dive into it. 

Last night we celebrated St. Patty's day with a couple from our house church. Green beer all around!!!! 

That's about all that's going on here. Just Trying to stay warm here in Michigan and having some fun when we can! 

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