Thursday, July 11, 2013

Girls Night

This week was my last week at my job on the 7th Floor of the Children's hospital! 

This Monday I start in the Pediatric Emergency Room (at the same hospital). I am pretty excited about it, but also nervous! hehe! 

My parents were supposed to come visit this weekend, but after a quick admission to the hospital for my grandma, my parents aren't going to be making the trek up to the mitten. 

After this news last night, I was so thankful I had already planned a girls night at my place to take my mind off things. 

I headed out to the local cutesy deli with only an hour to spare before my 2 good friends came over. 

They have the BEST french baguettes at this place. I snatched one up and some tomatoes and planned on making some bruschetta. 
So easy too! I just cut up the baguette and drizzled olive oil on it. Baked it at 350 degrees until crispy. I cut up some grape tomatoes, an onion, and since the store didn't have fresh basil (which I would have preferred) I used dried basil leaves and a shake of garlic powder. Then covered it in balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. 

Took the bread out of the oven. Put it on a presentable platter and covered with the tomatoe-y goodness. MMM MM! I ate so much of it! 

I also wanted a delicious cocktail. What's girls night without it?! 

 I was in the mood for wine... so I wanted it to be involved. 

I found this recipe and thought it sounded delicious! 

I of course had to make them fancy and garnish them. So I used this jelly jar and put watermelon and lime on the skewer. so cute! 

Such a fun and much needed night! So thankful for Gabe and Alyssa and all their laughs and funny stories! It's gonna happen again soon! 


  1. yum, i love bruschetta! and wine!


  2. I just love girls nights- some of the best memories of laughin and being GIRLS!!! Love it! (yummy bruschetta!)