Monday, January 7, 2013

A Fabulous Little Monday

Today was a pretty productive day. 

I slept in (always productive in my book!). 
Woke up and Matt made me a yummy breakfast sandwich and we sat around and watched CSI: Miami (we're addicted. thanks Netflix) and sipped coffee. 

I organized all of my nursing CEU's into a binder (super productive and have been putting this off for 2 years people!) 

We went grocery shopping. 

I made a yummy dinner. Chicken fajitas and chips and salsa. We ate on the floor and had a picnic in the living room. 

I hung up that antique window and hung some rosemary, thyme, and mint to dry from it. need one more... maybe garlic bulbs or basil?!?! 

I made a huge decision today as well. I have been contemplating a  way for me to make a little extra money for my own spending. I thought about getting a job in a local coffee shop or antique store a couple days a week... then my good friend told me there was no way she was going to allow me to do that. I already work enough at my job... she's right. 

So today I decided that in the spring, I am going to do a craft show. My grandmother and my mom used to do craft shows all the time! I grew up going to them. I honestly kind of miss that part of my life. So, today I started researching some ideas and making a product list and trying to figure out prices and production and all that. 

These wreaths were a couple things I am thinking about selling. Do you think they would sell!??
Also, I was excited to hear that my husband is thinking about trying to pick up the guitar and write songs again to try to play some local shows here in Grand Rapids! Looking forward to hearing him play again. Always makes me swooney when he does! hehe! 

I am really excited about it! I honestly can't wait to start making things! 

Stay tuned for more on that... but for now. I need to study a bit of my class for work and then relax in front of the TV for the night (and CRAFT!). 

Happy Monday! 


  1. Chicken fajitas and chips and salsa - oh the deliciousness! They are my favorite.

  2. Yes yes do the craft show!! Do NOT take on a second job, life is too short! Did you ever make cookies out of a mason jar? Heh my mom bought homemade cookie mix in a mason jar at a church sale. They were called hootie tutes or something like that. But I made them just added butter, eggs and vanilla. They were the best soooo tasty!

    Ali of:

    1. thanks! i am going to go for it! I have had those! someone gave me "hooty creeks" for a secret santa today!