Sunday, January 6, 2013

Life Lately

An update on life lately via my Iphone and Instagram. 

Since putting Christmas decorations away I have been dying to redecorate and find some new antique things for around the house. I hunted down some cute things via pinterest and it just so happened that this weekend was the Grand Rapids Antique Market and Matt, my friend Nicole and I definitely went and checked it out. Most of the stuff was very over priced but I got a lot of ideas for around the house! 

Like these coffee filter flowers I made tonight. 

I am trying to loose weight in 2013, like the rest of the world. We were having some friend over for game night last night and I made a chocolate cake with cream filling layers (3 layers to be exact) and chocolate ganache Icing with a funny little powdered sugar deal on top. Delicious. 

Chocolate ganache in the works.

Game night with a couple fellow nurses from work and their husbands. 

My antique market find. An old antique window that I put fabric behind. Going to hang above our stove and tie dry herbs from it. I have since ironed the fabric as well. 

I have been spending quite a bit of time at my craft nook as well. 

I made this pretty garland out of paint samples from Home Depot. 

A couple Saturdays ago I went ice skating in downtown Grand Rapids with some friends. Good times had by all. None of us fell! 

I'm on a sort of vacation right now. I have an 8 day off stretch. Matt and I have been living it up. He is off from school this month. We're both studying as well. We've been having a great time as well though!

Stay tuned for my new years resolutions post...  


  1. Those coffee filter flowers are adorable and that cake looks wonderful!

    <3 Melissa

  2. Great pictures girl! Loving the antique find and what you plan to do with it :)
    xo TJ

  3. I've been dying to redecorate too!
    Fun photos! =)

  4. Go us GR girls, glad you found me. That TJ^ girl is pretty darn awesome:) Skating Down town in the circle, love it! Always brings back the best memory... I was engaged to the night I went skating there:) Love your blog here- looks like a tasty cake you got going! Loving the antique window. What market did you go to? be blessed!