Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Today Was a Perfect Day

Today was one of the best days.
 Matt was just mentioning how he didn't know what would make this day more perfect for me. 

We slept in until 10:30. 
Woke up and drank some coffee. 
I called around to some humane societies and rescues about puppies.

We had a lunch date at a new (for us) place called Bangcok Taste in downtown Grand Rapids with our friends Brandon and Gabe.
I had a delicious peanut curry. So yummy! one of my new favorites.

Then Matt and I went to Kohl's and shopped around and then to Hobby Lobby to get some things to start crafting for a craft show in the spring (i decided to make it happen!). 

Then we went to see Les Miserables. It was so good! I never imagined Russell Crowe to be much for musicals. I was wrong. HAHA! 

Then we went to the Electric Cheetah for dinner. 

I never imagined a feast of my dreams... and then tonight, in the midst of this... 

I realized how I would answer that question people ask about your last meal... This would be it. 

It started with a draft root beer (this place has like 40 some different kinds of root beer). 

Then I ordered a Reuben  This Reuben was literally the size of my head! It came with chips. Matt got a burger, with bottomless fries (that we shared), and then finished things off with a chocolate malt to die for. 

Then we came home and I was in my pajamas by 7:00. On the couch, watching TV and curled up with my husband.

The best part of it all was spending it with Matt. (cue the cheesiness!) 

We had such a fun day. This was my last day of my 8 day off stretch. 

It was celebrated greatly. 

Back for work tomorrow night.. but for tonight... CSI: Miami and rubbing my belly after that meal! 

what would you choose for your last meal?!?! hehe! 


  1. Thats look so yummy, I choose lasagna of courseeee It's my fav.


  2. That sounds like a ridiculously fabulous day. And I'd take that for a last meal anytime! Yum!