Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Puppy Conundrum

While Matt and I were dating, we discussed having a dog someday. The entire time we have been married we have been wanting a dog. 

Our first apartment did not allow dogs. So, we had an excuse not to get one. 

Since moving to Grand Rapids 6 months ago, we have wanted a puppy SO BAD! we decided to wait until this spring to get one due to finances and well, we live in Michigan so it's a bit cold and snowy right now. 

Matt and I had originally wanted a West Highland Terrier. Then as we researched that the breed is not the best with small children. 

But look how cute they are!!!! 

So, we decided to get a maltese. 

HOW CUTE right?!?! 

We have both been waiting patiently. Well, today I decided to call the human society to ask if they had any puppies. 

The girl on the phone told me that they had a maltese. I didn't ask any details. I just said "okay! THANKS!" I told Matt what the  lady said. 

We contemplated all day. It's not time right now.... but we both want one! HOW CUTE!!!! ugh... but it's going to be like $600. It's snowing.... but we want one!!! 

So, we drove to the humane society. There were no puppies... It was the saddest thing! All I could think of was that freaking Sarah McClaughlin commercial. All those dogs and cats and bunnies that need a new home! UGH! 

SO sad.

We came home empty handed this time, but we started our paperwork for the next time. We will be back West Michigan Humane Society.... we will be back! 

Stay tuned ya'll... Mildred "Millie" Agnes Estel will make her appearance soon. (Yes... we already named her). 


  1. Oh how cute!! And I'm right there with you - I want a puppy SO.BAD. But our landlord doesn't allow dogs :( And I honestly think it's too hot out here in AZ to have one. I had a friend whose dog got dehydrated over the summer :( Next city we're in, though, I'm so going to get a cute, adorable pup.

    1. Yeah. We were worried about the cold, but I did some research. Dogs adapt... hehe!

  2. how fun that you agree on a dog! i want a cute small dog, but my husband will only settle for a big one! humph!

    1. we had that discussion. My husband says he has no shame to walk it on his own (I already give him a hard time about walking a little white fluff ball! HAHA!) But he doesn't like big dogs.