Saturday, February 23, 2013


I am truly blessed with an amazing, caring, genuinely loving husband. Matt has never had to woe me with extravagant gifts. We are pretty easy going about gifting. The most extravagant thing we have ever gotten each other are a banjo, and well, my engagement ring. haha! Don't get me wrong. We love to surprise one another. We give each other gifts, and surprises all the time. 

Today, I woke early. I was kind of bummed because I really needed to sleep longer because I work the next 2 nights still. I just couldn't go back to sleep. So I sent Matt a silly emoticon that I was awake in the bedroom and wanted coffee (He always brings me coffee in bed when I wake up from sleeping all day because I usually feel like death). Instead. He comes in and lays this on top of me with a sweet sweet note. 

I have wanted a MacBook for YEARS. We have just never splurged and got one. This year with our tax return we decided we really do need a computer. Matt really wanted to surprise me with it, but I kept checking the bank account to see if our money went in so I could go buy one. He was sneaky and checked today and it went through so he went and got me this guy! I was so excited (as excited as I could be in my sleepy phase). 

He then proceeded to go buy me Jimmy Johns (one of my recent addictions). He keeps telling me how much he appreciates how hard I work at work. It's nice to hear and to be reminded of. 

So thankful God blessed me with such a caring and loving husband. He is my best friend! 

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