Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Thought about starting a new series here on the blog... and when I was looking through my phone today I found these 2 pictures...  


I am a stress eater... It's a problem. 

Above: Just another day here at the Estel household. There may be other reasons for the amount of chocolate (if you know what I mean ladies...) 

Below: It was kind of a stressful night at work... kind of REALLY stressful. Don't worry... I did not eat this all at once. Progressively within 12 hours or so though maybe?!! 

It's kind of a problem. Most people can't eat when they get stressed. I wish I had that problem! Oy vei... 

What do you do when you get stressed?!?!?! 

Stay tuned for more confessions! 


  1. Can't help but indulge ourselves sometimes on these kinds of foods sometimes as well. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K

  2. So am I, and my food of choice is always candy/chocolate related. I realized it's gotten bad when I downloaded a track my calories app on my phone.

  3. I'm such a stress eater also! It's not good for my waist line! :-)

  4. Oh man -- I can be the exact same way. Some of my go-to foods are: ice cream & chocolate. I am trying to be better at it though! :)

    Chocolate, on the other hand, is something I buy every week at the grocery store. But I pace myself... I can make the entire bar last me all week. :) I'm getting better! haha

  5. ha i am TOTALLY a stress eater! luckily i go running a lot when i'm stressed, so hopefully they balance out right? haha love your blog! XO

  6. Yes. Stress eater. And non stress eater........etc. etc. So nice meeting you today!