Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Lately

  I realize I haven't posted in a little bit. Life has been crazy. More like, work has been crazy. I am finally in the middle of a week off. I know that when I say that, people think "WHAT JOB CAN YOU GET A WEEK OFF?!!?!" Well, I work night shift, and 12 hour shifts. so when I work 3 nights in a row, that's LITERALLY 3 days of my life gone. I work, sleep, wake up an hour before work and eat with Matt, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep. Usually I Do long stretches and then have a week off. So, that's where we're at... 

An update on life lately is in order.... 

Last weekend we hung out with friends quite a bit. 

Friday night we had game night with the news crew friends. 

I made Red Velvet Cupcakes (they were requested via Amanda, one of my best friends who happens to be a news reporter and introduced us to all her news crew friends here in GR. we are groupies now). 

Saturday, Matt and I took Millie on a long walk. We had to carry her parts of the way. She gets lazy... she is only 3 months old though. 

Little Mildred is quite the begger... this was me before church Sunday, trying to eat my toast and jelly in peace. Millie at my feet... watching me. She didn't get any... this time.

A haircut was long over due for me. I went to the salon a block away. This was the text convo with amanda that ensued... (I'm sorry if you wear pleather pants... nothing against you personally!) 

Lots of naps have been taking place... especially with my work schedule lately. 

This year was Matt & I's 8th Valentine's Day together!!!! We had a low key kind of day. We had to wake up early (7:45) for the landlord to come replace stuff in the house... Amanda wasn't home downstairs... so I helped take care of 2 pups while they were here. The 7:45 wake up call made the beginning of our Valentine's Day a bit.... well... cranky. After we had both had plenty of coffee we were better. 

Matt got me these things for the day. 

We went to our favorite Thai place (Thanks Brandon and Gabe, for introducing us to our new ADDICTION!) Bangkok Taste is amazing... 

We got spiffied up and went. We were the only people in the restaurant for like the first 30 minutes. HAHA! 

We came home after dinner for a couple hours to play with Millie so she wasn't in her crate for so long. She is really Matt's Valentine this year... hehe! He loves her. He's smitten really... 

The local antique shop that's down the street has been flooding my facebook page with cute new furniture. I think Millie and I will be venturing down there today (they love Millie there!). 

We have no plans this weekend... it's so nice! There will be lots of coffee, candy, snuggles, and puppy time. Sounds PERFECT to me!!!

What are you doing this weekend?!?!?! 


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  1. Lucky you, having a week off! Looks like things are going well! I totally have a pair of pleather pants... strictly for costume use! :-)