Thursday, February 7, 2013

My "Dream" Boy


I was a boy crazy teenager. Truly. I was the definition of the words. Boy Crazy teenage girl. 

I dreamt of falling madly in love like the movies. I was addicted to "chick flicks". I wanted to fall madly in love.

When I was 17 years old, I wrote this list to myself. 

A lot of my friends had boyfriends. I felt like I was never going to find a good guy. I had "gone out" with a couple boys in high school, but nothing serious. 

This list cracks me up. I found it in a box of all Matt and I's letters to one another, movie tickets from 2006 and Football game tickets. Memorabilia of our relationship if you will. 

A few short months after writing this list... I went to a college retreat at my church. I was still a senior in high school, but I knew I was going to go to WVU and a lot of the Intervarsity students came to my church. One of them invited me to come to the retreat and get to know people.

I went (partially to scope out the college boys) and to get to know people. 

When I arrived, I was the only high schooler there. 

You see, this was my "skater boy" "punk" phase. I liked Relient K, Less Than Jake, Mae, New Found Glory, etc... 

In the crowd of people I spotted this blonde, curly fro headed, skater boy. He was wearing a Pepsi "BLUE" t-shirt(this is one of my favorite shirts to sleep in now), a big hemp necklace, checkered Van slip on shoes, and did I mention the hair?!?! 
His freshmen year of college... he looks like a baby! haha! 

That night, he played guitar around the campfire, and I died inside a little. I was in love. 

I won't tell the rest of the story here... but it's a good one.

The point is, Matt meets pretty much all of those things on my list. 

The funny part of this story... when I met Matt his nickname was "DREAM". Every body I knew called him that. Even our pastor... 

Perfect memory to find with Valentine's Day next week. I still love that curly headed blonde, even more than that day I pined for him from across that campfire. 

So Thankful to God that He blessed me with such a great man in my life.

The Perfect Man in fact.