Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Happy Place

There is something about creating. The whole concept of starting with a few different items and shaping them, crafting them, and forming them into something completely different and lovely.

I love to bake. It's something my mammaw and I used to spend our days doing. I literally learned from the best. She used to make wedding cakes. She made my mom and both my aunts wedding cakes along with many others for friends. 

I took a cake decorating class the first fall that Matt and I were married. It was my birthday gift to myself. I really enjoyed it! I love to make cakes from scratch. I love to try new recipes and make something delicious (usually.. hehe)!

Baking is what I do for my "me time". I always need a minute to myself. Time to not think about the world and life. I need time to separate myself from everything. I am the type of person that can be doing a million things physically at once and my mind will be in 20 other different places at the same time. When I am in the kitchen it's my time to just be. I focus on the task at hand. 

Today I had some "me time" in my Happy Place-the kitchen. 

Chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough. Together at last!!!! 

Recipe HERE

They turned out so well. I'm anxious for everyone to enjoy them at our small group tonight. 

What's your happy place!? 


  1. Oh wow, those look amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe! And I feel the same way about baking!! :)

  2. Sign me up for your happy place! I'll have to try them out sometime- look amazing!

  3. These look delicious. My happy place is either baking or running. Both help me relax :) Have a great day!