Monday, April 29, 2013

New Project

I have been looking for a really lovely antique desk to turn into a vanity. I've been looking for about a month for the perfect desk. I didn't want just a plain old 1990's desk... I wanted a nice, vintage style. 

Today, I went to a new thrift store. It had SO much furniture! I found this beauty! 

$40.00! I tried to barter with the woman... but she wasn't having it. It was on sale already she says... 

I am contemplating what color to paint it! it's not in the best of shape so I am going to have to paint it. 

Seafoam green?!!? White?!?! Coral?!?! We will see... stay tuned for the after photo! 

Today was spent with all the windows open and enjoying the 70 degree weather! Millie was loving it! 

Happy Monday! 

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