Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Prep

Matt and I live in a duplex/house in downtown/Eastown Grand Rapids. We don't have much of a yard. This really bummed us out when we were looking for places here because we really wanted a nice deck or back yard... but this place had everything else we wanted. So we sacrificed. 

We do have a potentially nice little area in the back. We have a long driveway and a high fenced in back yard (think Mr. Wilson style from home improvement).  We have a brick area that goes pretty far back beside our garage. 

Here is an above view from my kitchen window. 

(so ready for that last little pile of snow to melt! it's always in the shade!) 

I want to make that little space between the garage and fence like this: 

 (unsure of source. via pinterest. no link)

With pretty boxes of flowers around like this: 

and these hanging from the fence: 

and garden parties with sweet tea and fruit and cheese: 

Right now it's beautiful outside. It's only 41 degrees but it's sunny and quite lovely. I just took Millie outside and was delighted to see these beauties growing in the backyard along the house. I think I'll leave these. 

I'm so excited to eventually have a lovely Saturday out back working with Matt and Amanda (our neighbor downstairs and one of my best friends) making our little area out back a place to hang out and enjoy all spring, summer and fall.

I imagine the pups outside running around. Having parties, grilling out, eating dinner out there every night, smoking matt's pipe (tobacco only people!), and drinking sweet tea and blue moon's with an orange by moonlight. 

So ready for spring and summer! bring it on Michigan!!!! 


  1. We've got some grand plans for our backyard, too! I can't wait to get them all up. I think that first picture with the tables and lights is gorgeous!! Your side yard would look beautiful like that.

  2. i like small spaces! easy to decorate. not so expensive. and soooo cozy! have a blast with your yard! it's actually not that small either. it will be great.