Sunday, September 2, 2012

Homemade Salsa (Pico De Gallo) Recipe

A little known fact about Mr. Estel and I is that we LOVE Mexican food. We even had it at the reception of our wedding for our guests. It was a huge success (even though neither of us enjoyed it that night). 

We make some form of Mexican food at least once a week. Whether it be quesedillas, tacos, enchiladas, nachos etc. 

Salsa is one of our staples. I love to make it fresh. Since moving here and utilizing our brand new, large and in charge Farmers Market just down the street, I have made some of the tastiest salsa I can imagine. There is just something about a vine ripened fresh picked tomato. It's so juicy and delicious! Reminds me of my pap's garden. We used to just pick a tomato out of the garden, wash it, slice it and put it on a slice of bread with some mayonnaise for lunch. Great memories. Someday I hope to have a garden just like him, but for now, the farmers market will do. 

So, for my first recipe post I thought it appropriate to share one of our favorites. I made this recipe for my mother in law (who adores tomatoes) and it is one of her new favorite things to make as well. The first time she made it she called me to tell me that after it was all gone, she looked down in the bowl and all that was left was the juice, and she just could not resist having to taste that yummy cilantro-y juice! HEHE! I love her.

Here's what you need:  


 Dice up your tomatoes into small pieces and place in your bowl.  


 Chop your cilantro into fine pieces. Some people like larger pieces of cilantro in their salsa. It's really up to you how fine you chop it. 

Then chop your red onion and add the cilantro and onion in with tomatoes. 


Slice your lime in half and use a juicer or squeeze by hand into your bowl. 

Next add a pinch of sea salt and garlic powder or fresh garlic to your salsa. (I realize I forgot to include the garlic powder in the what you need picture. Please forgive me, It's my first post! I'll get better I promise!)  

Finally, dip a tortilla chip and taste to make sure it's salty enough and refrigerate. I always think it tastes better after sitting in its yummy garlic infused tomato juice for at least an hour. 

This recipe is always a big hit at parties. 

I hope you enjoy! If you have a salsa recipe you enjoy please feel free to link in my comments! I would love to try them! 


  1. salsa is one of those perfect warm weather foods for us, so easy to make and yummy.
    your recipe looks great.
    thanks also for popping by Katy and for your sweet words! great to "meet" you ♥

    1. Nice to "meet" you as well and thanks for stopping by here as well! Starting a new blog is always daunting but it's been fun!

  2. oh goodness. love love love fresh salsa. been too lazy to make it lately but i really wanted some tonight with our carne sada tacos! one day we hope to plant a salsa garden! and by we, i mean my hubby;)

    1. a salsa garden! That is GENIUS!!! someday I hope to have a garden as well but great idea!

  3. Mmm this chunky version sounds delicious. We would probably eat this in one sitting! Homemade is so much tastier than salsa from the jar.

    1. So much better than the jar stuff! Although I admit I will eat any kind of salsa! Thanks for commenting!

  4. ohh, this salsa looks absolutely delicious!! my guilty pleasure snack for sure!
    xo TJ