Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thankful (and Insta Wednesday)

I talked a couple posts ago about reading the book entitled "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. Honestly, this book has put a lot into perspective for me the past few days. 
I have always lived my life for the future. I am always looking to the next chapter. I feel like right now, in this stage of my life, I am finally (for the most part) satisfied with where I am. Granted, we just moved to a new area and pretty much on a daily basis I wish we had more friends, and a couch, and more furniture in our apartment. But, as far as happiness, I truly believe that I am happy with where I am. God has blessed me more than I could ever imagine. I have an amazing husband who adores me but loves God more, I have a gorgeous apartment that I love, friends in Chicago that will last a lifetime, and growing friendships here in Michigan. 

Yesterday I was so thankful for how my day went. It really is the little things in life.. 

 Like the prettiest looking pumpkin spice latte at a newly discovered adorable coffee shop 2 streets down from the house. I sat in the window and felt the warm sun on my shoulders while I did some stuff for work and read a little bit. 

Then walking home a different way and discovering a new vintage clothing store tucked away.  

 A little surprise for my husband after class. He has been looking for a corduroy jacket with elbow patches just like this since last Christmas. I finally found one that fit yesterday at the vintage clothing store! He is such an attractive man! Lookin' so spiffy! Of course, I treated myself to this adorable vintage dress for fall. 

I came home and opened all the windows, lit all the candles in the house, put on some Doris Day and cozied up in my little reading corner of the living room and read a little more while dinner was cooking. 

Then I ran to joann fabrics to get the part for my sewing machine to finally finish the scarf I had all ready to go. 

It turned out just how I wanted it! Tutorial here! 

Obviously it does not go well with the plaid shirt I had on at the time, but I'm wearing it today with my mustard shorts and a gray top and I'm loving it! 

So, basically at the end of my day I felt so thankful for God's blessings in the small things. It's amazing how He can provide for us in ways we didn't even ask for or know we needed. 

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  1. Yay, the scarf looks fabulous! I wish that I could sew right about now!
    xo TJ