Saturday, September 1, 2012

Starting Fresh

Sometimes in our lives, we have to start over. We have to start fresh. We do it our whole life. We go from pre-school, to kindergarten. From kindergarten to elementary school. Then we enter the awkward junior high years, subsequently followed by those drama crazed high school years. Then we enter college where we usually finally learn who we are, what we want to be, and where we want life to take us. After college, is adulthood. We enter our 20-something years and this time can take us many directions. 

In every phase of life, we make choices. Sometimes, we have need a new outlook. We need a fresh look. We get our haircut, change our "style", and sometimes this can even be as extreme as getting plastic surgery. Yet somehow, every time we start a new chapter, it's the most nerve wracking thing ever. That first day of school, going to college, starting your first job, the day you move in with your spouse. It's all new and it makes us a little queezy. Then, we get comfortable in life and we need a new change. 

This brings me to now. I have been blogging since 2007. 
I started the blog in my college chapter. I always loved to write. I wrote for the local newspaper in high school and people always assumed I would go into journalism. I chose a different career path, which I will eventually get to talking about here, but I always loved to write. I started this blog with the intention of writing and documenting my life. I started reading other more popular blogs and felt so intimidated and quite frankly, not good enough. This is something I struggled with. The lovely purl saw many faces. I would try to start fresh and change the look of it, but it never quite felt right. It had no direction, no pizzazz. I started losing the desire to write because I started trying to do it for others and to get more "Readers" and stopped doing it for myself and to document my life. 

So here I am. Starting completely over. I have a direction. I have the desire to write again. I am in a new place and chapter of my life and it is an exciting time.

I have learned to love to bake and cook. I also love to craft. While this blog will mostly be about documenting my life. I want to share some recipes, some design things and some crafty goodness with you all as well. I would also love to feature some of the inspirational blogs I have been reading that have kept me motivated through the years. We will see how that goes.

I look forward to this new adventure and can't wait to start sharing things here in this new little nest in life. 

Thanks for reading, and I would love feedback and suggestions from those more wise in the blog world than I. 

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