Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day everyone! 
Tomorrow, our life in Michigan pretty much officially begins. After a full summer of having a stay at home husband, Matt starts his doctoral work tomorrow. I also go back to work for my last week of day shift before making the switch to night shift next week. 

Today we decided to celebrate the end of a 5 day weekend for me and the end of a summer for Matt by going to Fenn Valley Winery. 

We booked our tour last night because we had heard that if you don't book before then you will not get to go on the tour. It was $8.00 a person for an hour and a half wine tour! We tasted 11 different wines and rode on a wagon all through the vineyards. It was a little warm today but they had a covered wagon which made it nice. We even brought home 2 free wine glasses and they gave us a coupon for $5.00 if you bought 4 bottles of wine (which we obviously did). The tour was so nice and all the wines were good. I only had 1 that I wasn't the biggest fan of. 

 Ready for the tour! 

 The vineyard is beautiful. 

 a little white...

 They let us try the grapes before tasting the subsequent wine and it was so fun to compare! They were so tasty! 

 By the vineyard. This picture makes me look like a little more of a lush than I was. The guy told us at the beginning of the tour that we would each probably have about half a bottle of wine by the end. I don't believe him. 

 What a hottie. ;-) 

This was one of my favorite wines. Even though it was hot I liked being out by the grapes and eating them off the vine!  

 and a little red... 

We had such a fun day. Tonight I will be making this recipe: Martha Stewart's Vegetable Enchiladas and curling up on the couch for probably a couple episodes of 24 on Netflix and then heading to bed to prepare for the next few days of work. 

Hope you had a glorious labor day! I would love to hear what you did! Feel free to link in my comments! 

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