Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Insta Wednesday

I am in the middle of a 3 straight twelve hour shifts. I don't want my new blog to feel abandoned already, So today is an Insta kinda day. So we will call it Insta Wednesday!

Got some much needed time the other day to put things into perspective a bit. I hadn't journaled or read my Bible in quite some time. So the other day Matt and I went to the coffee shop and I put on some worship music on my Iphone, but my earbuds in, sipped my coffee and read all of Phillipians and it truly put things right back into perspective in life. It's funny how we allow ourselves to loose a bit of focus sometimes, and how God can put things right back where we need them. 

While my parents were visiting a couple weekends ago, I got 12 inches of hair cut off. I loved my hair long. This was honestly the longest it had ever been my whole life. It reached almost to my butt! hehe! So, the time came, and I needed a change (and to stop rolling over on it and matt getting his hand caught in it when snuggling at night). So, I really had no clue what I wanted when I went to the salon, and I showed the girl a couple pictures and she worked her magic! It's shorter than I was wanting, but I love it. I was able to donate 12 inches to Locks of Love. Which is a great thing, being a pediatric nurse and all. ;-) 

New do. ;-) Love it! 

Matt had been waiting to find the perfect anutique desk for our extra bedroom/office/craft room in the new place. And we spotted this beauty at the antique shop a couple weekends ago. Such a professor with his pipe. Livin' the dream.   

Here's another great one of Mr. Estel. Looking cute at the Winery. 

My summer addiction. Never knew about this stuff until our neighbor had some and I tasted it. It was love at first sip! 

Goodnight world! I will post more next Wednesday. 

Planning a couple recipe posts for this weekend! Stay tuned! 


  1. wow, your hair used to be so long. i bet the short hair is so freeing! you can easily tame it, brush it, don't have to use has much shampoo! yay!
    xo TJ

  2. short hair looks so good on you :) love it. and i love that you read phil w worship music in your ears. never even thought to try that! need to tho. thanks for always saying hi on my blog. you're the sweetest.

  3. My husband is obsessed with Cherry Coke!!

  4. looks good and what a great reason to cut your hair! i've been debating going short because it's such a huge change, i just might have to make the jump...

  5. i love your hair! looks amazing :)
    hope you had a great weekend!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie